4 Proven Ways to Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

Tips to Brighten Up Your Dark KitchenAside from the bedroom and the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the more often used room in any home. Sometimes entertaining friends and guests happen in the kitchen instead of the dining or living room.

This is why a darkly lit kitchen is seldom enticing or appreciated. The good news though is that homeowners do not have to spend much to bring in much needed lighting to the kitchen by simply following these tips.

1. Use Recessed and Accent Lighting

Brighten Your Kitchen With Accent Lighting FixturesYou can make sure that there will be light, and pretty ones at that, by installing recessed and accent lighting fixtures in your kitchen. This is particularly helpful if your kitchen featured dark colored ceilings or wood panel cabinets, which is common in many kitchens in the United States.

Although the wood panels and dark colors account for a dramatic mood in the kitchen, it does very little in ensuring functionality.

You no longer have to be stuck on the thought of how to brighten up a dark kitchen because by using recessed and accent lighting your will improve the functionality of your kitchen without destroying its dramatic mood.

The great thing about this is that the lights do not destroy the overall look of the wood panels and dark colored ceiling.

This is can also be applied for kitchens with certain dark areas only. Accent lightings installed at the corners can even improve the dramatic mood of the kitchen as well as highlight some choice appliances in the room.

2. Splash of White

Using a Bright White Floor with Dark CabinetsFor homeowners who want to know how to brighten up a dark kitchen, the most basic solution is to use a splash of white. Using a bright white floor will have an immediate impact on the overall look of your kitchen and begin to brighten and lighten the entire room.

The white floor will contrast nicely with dark-wood inspired kitchens to bring create a lighter and better ambience.

According to professional designers, pairing the color white with dark cabinets will allow the white to look even brighter. This means making the color of the backsplash white will not only make the dark colored cabinets pop out more, but at the same time create a visually enticing combination.

3. Magic of Mirrors

Magic of Mirror in KitchenIt is undeniable that many kitchens are designed to mimic a certain period or era, which is why simply splashing white or using accented lighting will not work. For these types of kitchens that project a clean and simple look one of the best solutions is to use mirrors.

The mirrors can even be complemented with stained glass windows to let a bit more light into the kitchen and allow the space to open up.

Mirrors can also be used to eliminate the cold feeling commonly associated with a white splashed space. Some may argue that mirrors may look odd in kitchens but the reality is that aside from effectively reflecting light, mirrors can make spaces look bigger.

In fact, when mounted on elegant frames mirrors can add to the overall appeal and amplify the atmosphere in the kitchen.

4. Windowless Solution

How to brighten up a dark kitchen without windowHow to lighten a dark kitchen without windows? That is a legitimate concern and quite a challenge for contractors especially when breaking out a wall is out of the question. Creating a warm and inviting kitchen though can still be achieved by focusing on the walls and cabinets of the kitchen.

Colors like soft yellow for the walls will make them bright and warm as well as mimic sunshine that immediately brightens your kitchen. White kitchen cabinets with glossy doors and moldings all contribute to a bright and spacious look.

Many interior designers further suggest to stock your kitchen cabinets with polished silverware, brassware or glassware to add a certain glitter into the room.

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Following these tips will ensure that the question of how to lighten a kitchen would not be so difficult to address.

Why else do you think to brighten up a dark kitchen?