Discover how and why tree roots can cause sewer damage

If trees are good for the environment, why are its roots bad for your sewer?  If this is the first time you heard of this, then you should be thankful that you have not yet experienced any problems with your sewer line.

It is important to point out that even though tree roots may seem harmless, they can become very strong and large causing huge damage to anything in its path; including your sewer pipes.

Instinctive Seekers

root-treeWe can say that it is the natural instinct of tree roots to seek out water and nutrients from its surrounding environment.

This is why as it grows, it stretches out to where it can start siphoning these essential elements to make the tree grow bigger and stronger.  What does it have to do with your sewer line?

If you are not aware of it, the sewer is one of the most convenient places that roots can get to water.  Moreover, old sewer pipes are usually made of iron, clay, concrete, and other materials that degrade over time.

When newly laid out, these pipes are joined together and sealed to ensure that nothing gets into the sewer.

However, as the materials age, they begin to deteriorate and some sections collapse giving tree roots an entry into your sewer line.

Creating a Problem

Here are some tips from plumber who work at The more water and nutrients the roots get, the bigger the tree (and the roots) get.

This means that in no time at all, with the endless supply of water and nutrients from the sewer (yes, sewage can act as a fertilizer that provides nutrients to the trees), you have healthy trees with big, strong roots.

Now imagine this, the size of your sewer pipe remains the same, but, the tree roots are getting bigger.  The result is that you are facing a problem where the sewer pipes get clogged and water flow becomes restricted.

Now think about this, if tree roots can push through the sidewalk pavement, what do you think it can do with sewer pipes made out of clay?

The important thing to recognize is that the problem with tree roots in the sewer is that the problem does not stop with the clogging.

Eventually, sewage can back up into your home and what is worse is that your entire sewer line can collapse.  So the longer the condition remains unchecked, the bigger the problem becomes from a simple growth of tree roots.

One thing you can count on is that the growth of the roots will not stop even when your sewer pipes begin collapsing or when you begin to experience plumbing problems in your home.  In fact, problems can soon turn from bad to worse.

Addressing the Problem

sewerDo not feel helpless!  The great news for property owners is that the technology and equipment to deal with the problem of tree roots is available.

Restoring the smooth flow of wastewater in your sewer line can take just a matter of hours to accomplish.  If you catch the problem early on, you may not even have to face any type of plumbing emergency.

If the tree roots are a bit mature, it can be challenging because this means that they are harder and stronger.  Machines can still cut through them but it will take a longer time.  When the problem is in a more advanced stage, you may have to spend for more than just the clearing of tree roots.

Let’s face it, by that time, you may already have misaligned sewer pipes, clogged toilets and sinks, slow draining tubs, and other similar plumbing problems.

You can also be facing an environmental issue if the condition has already reached a point where sewage is leaching into the soil.  At worse, you may have to ask plumbing professionals to replace your entire sewer line.  So you can imagine at the amount of money that it will cost you if you take tree root growth for granted.

The good thing is that now you are aware of the repercussions that tree roots can bring.  So contact a licensed plumbing expert to get your sewer checked today!

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