Reasons Why Drain Cleaning is necessary to Avoid Breakdown

Are you one of those homeowners who wait until something is wrong with their plumbing before they take action?  Do you feel that it is useless to do preventive maintenance since the pipes and fixtures will eventually give out anyway?  If this is how you think, then something will definitely go wrong and fast!  Preventive maintenance of your drains is essential to make sure that you do not face costly repairs, extensive damages, and a lot of stressful days.  Let’s take a look some reasons from on why you should invest in preventive maintenance of your drains.

Home Environment

Home Environment Quality

Did you know that when your drains are in good condition it improves the quality of your home?  If you invest in lawn services, painting, and other things to spruce up the appearance of your home, why not maintenance of your drains and plumbing system?

If you have a gardener who often cleans your yard and keeps your plants healthy, why not have a plumber to often check on the state of your drains?  Can you imagine how damaging backed up drains can be?  The amount of sewage and septic gases that can creep into your home will destroy not only the quality of air that you breathe, but your home life as well by putting you and your family in danger.

clearing clogged drain

Limiting Blockage Formation

By now almost every homeowner knows that the biggest problem with drains is that they can clog.  Unfortunately, the most common reason why drains become clogged is that they are neglected.  There are many ways that drains can be neglected, throwing garbage into them can be one, pouring grease and oil is another, or even failing to clean them.

Are you aware that many of the causes of clogging takes time to build up?  Therefore, if you periodically clean your drains, you do not give these dirt and other matters time to form enough mass to cause a blockage.  This means that you will have drains that continuously flow smoothly to allow the waste water to reach the septic system.

You do not even have to invest in drain cleaning solutions.  Simple home remedies like baking soda, vinegar, dish washing soap, and hot water can be enough to do preventive cleaning of your drains.  This is of course provided that you do this with regularity.  If you have not cleaned your drains for some years now, you may want professional cleaning to be done first before you do preventive cleaning with home remedies.

A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Drain

Other Forms of Clog

There is a myth that waste matter is the only thing that causes clogging.  The reality is that there are other things that can clog your drains.  Did you know that hard water can make your pipes clog as well?  Yes this is true.  Clogging from hard water comes in the form of lime scale buildup that accumulates in your pipes over time.

What happens with the lime scale buildup?  If not attended to properly and on time, the lime scale will harden causing a blockage in your pipes and eventually needing replacement.  The common sign that you have a lime scale buildup is if you see a chalk-like substance building up in the area of your faucet.  This is an indication that lime scale is already present in your pipes.  Preventive cleaning of your drains will stop the buildup before it reaches a very dangerous level.

shower drain

Save Your Sewer

What does preventive cleaning of drains have to do with the sewer?  First of all, you have to realize that everything that goes down the drain will eventually reach the sewer.  Overworking your sewer by allowing a lot of dirt and other matter down there or using too much water (like in the case of trying to flush the drain to restore normal flow) is bad for the septic system.

Secondly, preventive cleaning of drains can actually help stop tree roots from growing and forming a blockage inside the sewer line.  Frequent cleaning may not totally remove the tree roots, but it will help stop the growth from reaching proportions that will give you tremendous headaches and possibly expensive repairs.

Now that you understand why, there is no reason why you should not practice preventive drain cleaning of your home plumbing system.