The Complete Guide About Granite Sheets for Countertops [Video]

Guide About Granite Sheet for CountertopsIt is a dream for majority of homeowners to have granite countertops for their kitchens. This is because this material that comes from the molten core of the earth exudes timeless beauty and has been known to last a long time.

Unfortunately, its aesthetic and versatility comes at a steep price that can be too high for some homeowners. Fret not though because here are some tweaks you can try to achieve that granite-like countertop appeal at a portion of the cost.

1. Granite Sheets

Granite Sheet Material for CountertopsAs the name implies, granite sheets for countertops will give your kitchen that beauty and versatility without using the natural element. These materials will not only give you that granite countertop look, but also save you huge amounts of money by eliminating construction requirements needed to install real granite slabs.

The granite sheets for countertops are polymer slabs custom-built to fit existing kitchen countertops and resistant to stains, heat, cold, and scratches. These sheets are comparatively lighter than real granite allowing one to two people to do the installation properly.

The granite sheets can be cut to size and directly installed over existing countertops making it not only easier but faster as well to renovate old kitchen countertops.

Granite sheets can be installed in less than a day. However, this material is normally not recommended if major renovations or full remodeling of cabinetry or countertops would be involved.

2. Faux Granite

Kitchen Make Over With Faux Granite Contact Paper - minGiving your kitchen a much needed facelift without the expensive cost would truly be a dream. Fortunately, this is possible using faux products that are now being sold in the market. Sometimes referred to as “fake products” because of the way they imitate the look of real materials like granite, they have become hot tickets for increasing the value of kitchens in many households.

Faux granite contact paper used for kitchen countertops are vinyl adhesive sheets that have the same visual appeal as polished granite. These imitation granite films are easy to install and would normally go for less than $100.

You have to make sure though that the countertop is completely clean and you may need a smoothing tool to make sure that the film remains snug and tight.

Normally the problem is when you reach the edges of the countertop. Unlike the granite sheets for countertops that are cut, the contact paper has to stick to the underside of the countertop’s lip and cover all the corners.

The sides must meet smoothly to preserve the beautiful appeal of the granite-like design.

A workaround is to use a normal hair dryer to heat the film and soften it just enough to bend and grasp the countertop’s lip. Making faux granite as smooth as possible will further enhance the look of real granite.

3. Other Contact Papers

Kitchen Transformation With Contact Paper for CountertopsImage Source:

Another way to enhance the value of your property is to match the color of your kitchen countertops with that of your floor and walls. Granite sheet for countertops or faux granite would not serve this purpose. However, much like faux granite contact paper, you can find contact paper with different colors for as low as $6 per roll.

If you plan to use contact paper instead of granite sheets for countertops make sure that you have a ruler, utility knife, squeegee, scissors, and masking tape handy. Having someone help you with the installation makes it easier and faster. Just like with the faux granite contact paper make sure that the kitchen countertop is cleaned thoroughly before you begin.

Make sure to put in a little extra when you cut the contact paper to size to a lot for the front edge of the kitchen countertop. The squeegee will help to smoothen the contact paper as you install it. Remember to do this carefully as the material will easily stick to anything making the installation unnecessarily crooked. To prevent the seams from being noticed, overlap the pieces a bit.

Increasing the value of your property can be done with just a few buck and as simple as installing granite sheets.

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