How to Protect Baseball Bat Memorabilia

Are you a serious collector of baseball memorabilia?  If so, then you must know bbcor baseball bats, what is the measurement needed to choose the perfect bats for your collection.

And knowing that every bat collection is priceless and one of the greatest challenges is to make sure that you preserve them in the most pristine condition possible.  This is true especially for autographed baseball bats.  Regardless whether the autograph is etched into the bat or written on it, preserving it ensures maintaining its physical and monetary value.  How can you do this?

humidity and light

Humidity and Light

One of the biggest worries for most collectors is humidity.  This is because humidity can easily destroy collectibles, even wooden bats that are autographed.  When the wooden bat is exposed to excessive amounts of humidity and moisture the quality of the autograph will be ruined as well as the wood used for the bat.

The same goes with exposing the autographed bat to sunshine for a long time.  The ink will fade and ruin your collectible.  You should also keep the wooden bat away from fluorescent light or any direct light for that matter to make sure that it is properly preserved.  This is why display cases or closets are usually suggested as bat storage space.

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Preserving Collectibles

How can you preserve the autograph on the wooden baseball considering how priceless it is?  Retaining the autograph, especially on a vintage bat, can be done by lightly spraying the autographed area with hairspray in an aerosol can.  The lacquer content of the hairspray will create an invisible seal around the area protecting the autograph from damage.

Before you haphazardly spray your autographed baseball, make sure that you try the hairspray first.  Take a sheet of paper and use a similar ink on it.  If the ink does not run after spraying it, then it is safe to use it on your collectible.  Once the seal has dried, make sure to properly store the bat and never take it out unless necessary.  Handling your collectibles more than necessary degrades it and decreases its value.  Remember, preservation is important to make sure that what you paid for would never be wasted.

preserving bats

Display Cases

As a collector it is normal to feel proud about the items that you have collected.  This means wanting to show them off to family, friends, and visitors.  However, you must remember that showing off your priceless collections should always be done from a distance.  As mentioned earlier, touching the items should be minimized as much as possible.

To keep your autographed baseball bat safe from damage, you would need to lock it away in a display case where it can still be admired but protected from physical contact.  What type of case do you need?  There are different kinds of cases that you can choose from.  There are wood with clear acrylic window that can keep out as much as 98% of ultraviolet rays from hitting your autographed bat.

The use of acrylic instead of glass window lessens the possibility of accidentally breaking it.  This gives you and other people a good view of the bat while protecting it from possible nicks, smudges, and accidentally getting spilled on with liquid.

If you follow these suggestions from there is no doubt that your priceless investment would be preserved in the most pristine condition possible.